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AUNTIE VIE: A Life of Pickles and Pearls

Brought into the media spotlight by her great-niece Pamela Anderson, Auntie Vie burst onto the scene as Pamela’s biggest supporter on “Dancing with the Stars.” Unexpectedly, Auntie Vie’s distinctive balance of earned wisdom and chic glamour quickly charmed the media and viewers of all ages. Her door suddenly stormed by cameras and reporters, Auntie Vie never missed a beat. Having harnessed the power of simply being herself, she has captured imaginations and inspired people with her rare pedigree: a down-to-earth farm gal and a sassy tinsel queen bee.

This  book can be ordered through your local bookstore, Amazon, or you can click on the following link: Book: Auntie Vie - "A Life Of Pickles And Pearls"

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Saying goodbye to Auntie Vie (YouTube):

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