Cathy Converse

Cathy ConverseCathy Converse is the best selling author of Following the Curve of Time: The Legendary M. Wylie Blanchet, co-author of The Remarkable World of Frances Barkley 1769-1845.

Cathy is currently working on a book about Pamela Anderson’s great auntie Vie, who became a media sensation when Pamela dedicated her performances in Dancing with the Stars to her 85 year-old “auntie Vie.” The book will be published by TouchWood Editions and will be in print sometime in September 2010.

She has also written diverse articles ranging from work barriers for women, women’s history and profiles of women, to new-age religion, natural gas-fired diesel engines, Alaskan towboaters, electronic navigation in the Canadian Navy, archaeology of New Guinea, inter/intra ethnic group humor, multiculturalism, African and Yugoslav folklore and diagnosis and treatment of polio. 

Several of her cover stories have included articles about Silken Laumann, the former Olympic rowing medalist for Canada; Judy Tyabji, former speaker of the House in the BC provincial legislature; and Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada. A founder of Women's Studies curricula and ancillary programs at Camosun College, she is also a former department chair, instructor and frequent public speaker. 

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