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By Cathy Converse

Auntie Vie... A Life of Pickles and Pearls

By Cathy Converse
Foreword by Adam Sawatsky


Brought into the media spotlight by her great-niece Pamela Anderson, Auntie Vie burst onto the scene as Pamela’s biggest supporter on “Dancing with the Stars.” Unexpectedly, Auntie Vie’s distinctive balance of earned wisdom and chic glamour quickly charmed the media and viewers of all ages. Her door suddenly stormed by cameras and reporters, Auntie Vie never missed a beat. Having harnessed the power of simply being herself, she has captured imaginations and inspired people with her rare pedigree: a down-to-earth farm gal and a sassy tinsel queen bee. And now, author Cathy Converse has captured her story.

Discover Auntie Vie’s life story, along with her fashion advice, best recipes, words of wisdom, and thoughts on aging and the power of dance. This glamour grandma is revealed in a scrapbook, packed with full-color photographs, about one woman’s life, lessons, and infectious sparkle. Born in a time before television, and now a media sensation, Auntie Vie’s pearls and pickles philosophy is sure to delight and inspire.

“Remember, all life needs a little sparkle once in a while.” —Auntie Vie

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"Covering local news, you get to meet all kinds of people. No one, in my 30 years experience, stands out like Auntie Vie. For us, she was the brightest star of Dancing with the Stars. Vie is an inspiration with her spunk, spark, and spirit. And her pies and pickles are perfection!"
 —Hudson Mack, Director of News & Information Programming, /A Vancouver Island.

"Auntie Vie is the epitome of a great Victorian lady; exuding style, elegance, grace and class."
 —Rob Anderson, Manager, Afternoon Tea, The Fairmont Empress

"Vie is an irresistible ray of sunshine that warms you with down-to-earth kindness, sparkles with flirtatious humor and radiates appreciation for living in the moment. If you're not lucky enough to meet her, try basking in this delightful memoir."
—Virginia Keast, Western Producer, "eTalk"

Following the Curve of Time

By Cathy Converse

A Canadian Best Seller List book. Shortlisted for the BC Book Prize Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award, which honored Following the Curve of Time as one the top five books published in British Columbia for 2009.


Who was this skipper, this mother, this writer? These are the questions that motivated Cathy Converse to re-trace the route of famous pacific seafarer M. Wylie "Capi" Blanchet, and write this biography in the process. Widowed in 1926, Blanchet cruised the coast with her five children and their dog in a 25-foot boat that had been rescued from the seafloor. The Curve of Time, her resulting book, remains a bestseller and a classic in the annals of nautical literature, but little is known about the rest of Blanchet's life. Converse offers insiders' recollections of this enigmatic woman, along with updated information about the villages, inlets and islands described in Curve, making Following the Curve of Time essential reading for anyone who has ever been captivated by the West Coast or Capi herself.

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TouchWood Editions
978-1-894898-68-3 / 1-894898-68-0
5.5" x 7.5" 192 pages
Hardcover: sepia and black and white photos throughout

The Remarkable World of Frances Barkley


By Beth Hill and Cathy Converse

A BC Best Seller List book


Frances Barkley was the first European woman to set foot on the west coast of Canada. She was just 17 when, in 1786, she left England to embark on an adventurous, round-the-world voyage that was to last eight years. Her husband, Captain Charles William Barkley, was a merchant trader, taking European goods on the long and dangerous trip to exotic ports in the Far East. He sailed his Imperial Eagle into the land of Chief Maquinna to trade with coastal natives and gain wealth transporting sea-otter skins across the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver Island to China.

After a sheltered upbringing, Frances found herself in a wider world, helping her husband in his business, meeting strange and foreign peoples, giving birth to her children, surviving the tragedy of their deaths, and, through it all, observing her astonishing situation with wisdom and wit.

Barkley Sound, Imperial Eagle Channel, and several other place names on Vancouver Island are lasting memorials of the visits of this intrepid couple. The coastal ship Frances Barkley, which today carries freight and passengers across the waters first seen by Frances over 200 years ago, is also a tribute to a young woman of openness and courage. 

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TouchWood Editions 

6 x 9, 224 pages


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